How to get from Colombo Airport to Bentota?

Bentota beach

Get to know the different transport services between Colombo International airport to Bentota

Bandarnaike International Airport (CMB) is the major airport in Sri Lanka and it serves as the main entrance to the country. If you want to get to the city center or any tourist destination from the airport you can choose any mode of transports available. You can either choose public transport service, local taxi or a transfer service.

Bentota is a coastal town of the Galle district, has some of the finest beaches. It is a major tourist attraction with many beautiful resorts and also called the Paradise Island.There are three major parts in Bentota, the northern area is Beruwala, the middle part is Alutgama and at the southern end is the beautiful Bentota Lagoon. Beruwala is known for fishery harbors where you can see the local fisher men making their daily living. Alutgama has beautiful shallow beaches and is the best place for travelers who prefer sea bathing.Bentota lagoon is famous for water sports. Visit to Bentota will definitely make your trip to SriLanka a memorable one.

How to get from Colombo Airport to Bentota

The Colombo Express bus runs frequently along the high ways connecting the Colombo International Airport and the city.To get to Bentota, you must first reach Colombo city by N187. The tickets charges are $0.8 approx to 120 LKR, it can be bought from the bus conductor, but using the local SriLankan currency (LKR). The travel time is approximately one hour and there are buses for every half an hour. To Know more check how to get from Colombo Airport to Colombo City.

It is to be noted that the public transport services are not available at nights and it is advisable to opt to book a local taxi or pre book a transfer service.

You may also opt to choose train service to reach Bentota from Colombo city. There are trains that departs from the Fort railway station and are not very frequent. The charges for a second class travel would cost $.07 approx to 110 LKR.During the daytime, the trains may be crowded and it would be difficult to travel with your luggage's.

It is to be noted that the public transport services are not available at nights and it is advisable to opt to book a local taxi or pre book a transfer service.

There are lots of local taxis available outside the airport. Not all of them are reliable to deal with. They may charge you more and bargaining with them would be really difficult. There is an official taxi desk available at the airport which operates round the clock. Booking a taxi here might be quite expensive than the taxis available outside.Also not all taxis are air conditioned, and the cabs cannot be expected to be well maintained. The approximate charges to Bentota in a taxi is $45-$50 approx to 7500 LKR.

Booking a transfer service from Colombo Airport is the fastest and the most comfortable mode of transport.There is no actual wait time when we use a transfer service and available 24x7.The bookings can be made in advance using our website Once booking is made our drives is ready for the pick up and he waits close to the arrival point and helps you with your boxes and drives you safely to your destination.We have choices of different class of vehicles from economy to business class. You can reach the desired destination with ease and the cost is usually known beforehand. The charges to Bentota from the Colombo International Airport is $65 -$ 70 approx to 10000 LKR.

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